Infospace 3

Gurgaon, Haryana

Another iteration of Unitech’s “Infospace” brand, this cyberpark is a distinctively modern office development in a park-like setting, complete with all services needed to set up and operate office functions within a highly adaptable work environment.

The independently serviced and operated campus buildings are highly flexible in user needs and floor area combination requirements. The ring formation of individual buildings embraces a shared garden and open space at its heart, creating a distinctive and attractive work environment for the service industry client. For companies searching for cost-effective, flexible spaces, these buildings provide a distinctive address for firms, employees and clients alike while providing pleasant, workable environments.

The offset cores are strategically located predominantly at west facades to minimize solar heat-gain built-up inside the buildings.

I was the project manager for the overall design, and took over design for the central amenities building. 

24.7 Acres
2,525,000 sf (234,400 m2) Office
38,500 sf (3,575 m2) Retail/Amenity

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