Ha Nam Hotel and Resort

Phu Ly City, Ha Nam

The project site is centrally located in the smaller city of Phu Ly, about 60km outside of Hanoi. A 21 storey 3-4 star hotel is sited on the city side of the site, opposite the Post Office, and 10 semi detached villas are along the river side. A kink in the tower aligns with a shift in the city grid. The landscape between the hotel and villas is developed into a resort, with tennis, playground and outdoor dining, and water features. All 200 hotel rooms face the river side with a prime view. Deep vertical fins and solid balconies help to protect from the harsh west sun while still allowing expansive views. Active retail and restaurants line the base along the main street of the town, and the city side of the building is especially active at night. In phase 2 the villas are replaced with a residential condominium tower.

Site area: 11,360m2
GFA hotel: 30,110m2
GFA villas: 7,920m2
GFA condominium tower: 47,250m2