Glen Street House

Seattle, WA

Essentially, each level of the house is a landing of the central stair of this three story or six level house.

The plan is compact and efficient on a 20'x30' footprint. From the bottom, the sequence starts from a single car garage, up to the foyer and living room, up to master bath and nursery, up to kitchen/dining, up to master bedroom, up to children's bedrooms and bathroom.

The house is playful and bright but utilitarian and modern. Building cost had to be $90/sf or less. Adjacencies are vertical in this stacked house, and the definition of areas are blurred by walls flowing from living areas to the stair and back. The slope affords distant views from the upper story.

The 33'x40' site in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle was previously considered unbuildable because of it's unusually small size, and is without frontage to the major streets that bound the block. 1800sf.