Gamuda Gardens

Ho Chi Minh City

Gamuda Gardens Parcel C2, phases 2 and 3, consists of 310 terraced and semi detached homes. The houses are targeted at Vietnamese buyers, and their design is a combination of regional preferences for the layout with an international flair in their finishes and elevations. The master plan features linear gardens for each block. All but one group of semi detached houses are in Phase 2, and most of the terraced houses are in Phase 3. Phase 2 semi detached houses all share a common entry into their sector, enhancing their exclusivity and identity, and this is further heightened by grouping all the units with an interior garage.

The structural system is a simple and efficient concrete frame with brick infill and a rendered plaster finish, 3 stories tall with a clay tile pitched roof over pre fabricated steel trusses. The household water tank is located in the attic space within the trusses. Mirroring the units allows maximum efficiency for the structure and mechanical systems, but care is taken in the elevations so that individual units can still be identified. Bathrooms are consistently located on the exterior walls for natural ventilation.

Exterior features include a trellis canopy that covers the car parking and protects the front entry. Space for 2 cars, or a single car and motorbikes is provided in the front yard behind wide swinging gates. A utility box is integrated into the front fence, and it conceals a refuse compartment, water meter, electric meter and mailbox.

The interior plan layout is the same on all units. Abundant glazing at the front living room area ensures a bright and open ground floor. A separate maid’s bedroom and bathroom is located on the ground floor adjacent to the kitchen area and the utility yard at the rear. The master bedroom is at the front of the house with a separate dressing area. It is on the second floor with the junior master bedrooms, both with en suite bathrooms, and a separate study area. Two more bedrooms are on the top floor, with an altar room and family room.

00 hectare site
174 Terraced houses, 2 plan types
136 Semi Detached houses, 2 plan types