CYAN Resort and Residences - Villas

Hoi An

The Residences are the low rise sales component of the CYAN Resort and Residences development.

The garden villas have 2 and 3 bedroom types. The layout is simple, with a tall living space fronting the terrace and pool, with a separate pavilion accessed by a breezeway to the master bedroom overlooking the garden below.

The beach villas are mostly 3 and 4 bedroom types, and are arranged with a front row on the beach and a higher back row to allow views through the front row. To minimize the effect of so many roofs and houses in the site, they have been designed as pairs when possible.

None of the 100 beach plots are rectangular, so the villas are designed as units that can slide along one boundary wall, and the opposite one changes to fit the plot. The lower level is a simple stone garage and service area, and open areas for dining, living and entertaining. The stair becomes a feature seen from the front, and a double height volume is used where possible. The deck and pool are extensions of the interior floor. The upper level is simple white shapes, closed on the sides for privacy. Frontage is maximized and views are directed toward the sea.


Site area: 38.33 ha
Total GFA: 180,000 sqm