Beverage Factory


Sketch concept design for 4 layout options

The ideal diagram follows the flow of incoming raw materials/depaletting/warehouse to process/filling/packing to finished goods warehouse, with close adjacency of utilities to process area, and close adjacency of staff areas to filling/packing. People and materials flows should be kept independant. Expansion is more constrained when it is in a single area, as opposed to either side, and would ideally be located away from the main road and entry. Staff areas should be located at the entry to the site and prominent to the main road.

Major components:

  • 10 beverage production lines (5 in first phase)
  • plant office
  • production hall
  • utilities hall
  • worker services hall
  • workshop hall


Final master plan arrangement includes covered motorbike parking (similar to the design of the factory roof), and an atrium space in the curvilinear administration block (influenced by the brand's logo).


14ha site
38,000m2 GFA phase 1
55,500m2 GFA total buildout