BEL Factory


The building arrangement has been shaped by the sequence of the production process and the flow of materials, and aligns well with the long, rectangular site. Incoming raw materials come in at one end, generally pass along production steps in a linear sequence to become an outgoing product at the other end of the building.

The structural and spatial layout follows this arrangement, and places the production spaces to one side of a long corridor running the length of the building. Spaces for people are in separate blocks along the other side. This allows for a single internal column line along the corridor, yielding clear spans over the production facilities, and a simple peaked roof structure.

The roof design is a sloped roof to a height of about 12m at a single peak. The construction is simple steel framing, with metal panel walls, roof, gutters and downspouts over a masonry base. The color choices signify the different parts of the building, admin and people areas in signature logo red, production in blue, and remainder in beige or grey.


Site: 26,845m2
GFA: 10,000m2
Main building, utilities area, guardhouse
Density: 37%
Future expansion: 3,000m2
Density after expansion: 48%.