AREA 4: Microsoft Highlands Corporate Campus

Issaquah, WA

This 2 million sf corporate campus in the Issaquah Highlands was designed to meet the client’s goals of cost effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility in use and reconfiguration, and use a design process that would actively maintain or improve the design and construction schedule.

Four separate schemes were developed, and their pros and cons were organized by a matrix to assist the client in their evaluation. In accordance with the client's core competency, the presentation was highly digital.

The complete presentation boards are here, with process boards for site and schedule, site analysis and site concepts, and building analysis for 4 different configurations, and building concepts for a selected configuration. In addition to managing the project process, staff and financials, I designed the selected configuration. The images below represent a scheme that I did..

The appearance of the familiar computer screen GUI in the presentation boards, with a menu bar on top with pull down menus, was something that I pushed strongly. It was intended to be delivered by FTP, then a new concept, and is constructed as a automatically playing presentation when downloaded. This was a seminal project for me, when I realized the potential that a process manager could have on a design deliverable.

2 million sf office.