Seattle 1998-2002, Los Angeles 2016-2018. Associate. 

In LA, was responsible for architect's design team leadership of corporate/commercial interiors in an IFOA/IPD mulitpart structure, including on site construction meetings, contract writing and negotiation, project accounting. 

In Seattle, as a member of the corporate/commercial studio with a specialization in owner-driven corporate projects, I worked on both core and shell and interior projects. I put my mark on the Seattle skyline as a designer, and also some restoration and seismic upgrade work after the 2001 Seattle Earthquake as a technical architect.

I also contributed to recruiting, staffing and studio management, and even to the conceptual structure of their then new intranet. Significantly, it was here that my fascination with project and process management really took off, and the lessons I learned rounded out my experience from a designer and design visualizer to a design leader and facilitator.